Who Is Aaron J. Werner?

Present:  Pastor of Cross Church in Portland, Maine. 

Past:  Dr. Werner served as the Dean of the Chapel, and the Minister to the University at Shorter University where he also taught Philosophy and Religion.  He has also been a pastor at churches in Florida, Kentucky, Arkansas, Indiana, and California.  Dr. Werner is also a Maine commercial lobsterman.

Education: After graduating from High School in Scarborough Maine (1989), he attended the University of Maine (1989-1991) and earned a B.S. in Biology from Liberty University (1994).  Later, he attended The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and earned a M.Div. (2002), and a Ph.D. (2007).  

Dissertation: Dr. Werner’s Ph.D. dissertation analyzed Timothy Dwight’s use of apologetics during his Presidency at Yale.  Only a few students professed faith in Christ when Dwight became the president of Yale in 1795.  He responded to this “infidelity” with a unique form of apologetics.   As a result, nearly every student professed faith Christ.  Moreover, Yale remained predominately Christian for 100 years after the Dwight’s death.  
Dr. Werner's dissertation is available for free download by clicking the here
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